The operation games category contains games in which the plot is based on some kind of operation. What kind of operation can it be? Let's figure it out.

Operation - what is it?

If a person performs some action or several actions at once or in a certain sequence, and he does all this in order to achieve a certain goal, then this action or several actions can be called an operation.

In mathematics, an operation can be called an arithmetic operation. In programming, an operation is the way a computer records certain actions. In military affairs, an operation is a series of specific actions of a tactical nature. There is also a search and rescue operation.

Surgical operations are considered a separate type of operations, with the help of which doctors influence the human body in order to cure it. Surgery can also be performed on animals and plants.

Surgical operation is the basis of operation games

Operation games is based on surgery. Surgical operation is also called surgical intervention, because the doctor interferes with the action of human or animal organs and corrects their activity.

During the operation, the doctor, in order to cure a person, can sever his organs and tissues, connect them, move or remove them.

All fans of operation games will be interested to know that a surgical operation consists of several stages:

- prompt access to the organ that needs to be treated,

- prompt reception, when the doctor performs the manipulations or actions that are required,

- prompt exit, when the doctor restores the integrity of the tissues, that is, sutures the hole through which the operation was performed.

In online operation games, all these stages of the operation are followed, so that the user can get a visual idea of ​​how the operation is performed.

What kinds of operation games do we have?

Like the types of operations, operation games also have different categories. If the game is devoted to an operation, the purpose of which is a therapeutic surgical intervention, then it can be such types of operations as the removal of the appendix, the extraction of a tooth. If the game is devoted to an operation that sets itself a radical goal - to eliminate the very cause of the disease, then during such an operation either the organ itself or part of the organ is removed, or an artificial prosthesis of a part of the diseased organ is installed.

There are also emergency and planned operations, when there is no threat to the patient's life, but an operation is needed to cure him. When carrying out emergency operations in online games, there is often a countdown, so the player needs to gather all his attention and determination to carry out the operation correctly.

Operations can be simple and complex, they can be medical and plastic, but you should always follow the main stages of the operation in order for the player to receive points for a successful operation.

Such operation games will appeal to those players who are preparing to devote their lives to the profession of a surgeon or have always dreamed of connecting their lives with medicine.