If you think that we are talking about mice, then do not rush to get a mousetrap from under the bed! Games in the mouse games category are games in which you can only use the mouse to control the game. What kind of games are these and who like them?

Who likes mouse games?

Of course, among the fans of such games are those people who have achieved masterly possession of the mouse, and now absolutely do not need a keyboard to play. For such people, just moving your fingers and clicking the mouse button is enough to do really great things.

Also, mouse games are loved by those who suddenly broke the keyboard, and they have not yet got a new one, and I really want to play online. With just one mouse, you can survive no less intense adventures, even if you don’t have the usual keys at hand.

And among fans of mouse games, there are those players who like to play secretly at night, with the lights off, so that their parents do not see the light under the door and do not send them to sleep. For such people, mouse games are a real salvation, because at night the keyboard is inconvenient to use, even if it is backlit.

And, the most important category of mouse games fans is lazy people who just don’t want to make unnecessary movements, so they only move with one hand, or rather, with just a few fingers.

What are mouse games

What type of games can you play with just one mouse? Among these games there are a lot of various plots, although it may seem that the possibilities of games without a keyboard are limited.

Among mouse games there are a lot of sports competitions in which you need to perform certain actions in order to achieve a result. Also, under the control of only the mouse, many puzzles have been made, where the player has to solve a problem by selecting different options or folding puzzles.
There are many among mouse games and mathematical games in which you have the opportunity to solve problems, equations or perform other arithmetic operations.

Absolutely all the famous games in the category of "three in a row" belong to mouse games. As well as classic games such as snakes or balls.
Many shooters are also made under the control of one mouse, a number of war games with battles and battles, as well as games in which you should show your accuracy.

What are mouse games convenient for?

Games in the mouse games category are convenient in that you can sit as comfortably as possible for the game, you do not need to sit at the table in front of the keyboard, you can play them even lying down if you want. At the same time, mouse games remain full-fledged computer games that you can play online.

Also, such games are convenient in that they have a very simple functionality, their rules are easy to understand, so you can immediately start the game. Control is carried out with only one mouse in many difficult and multi-stage quests.

Try it and you play such games, you can evaluate for yourself how convenient and interesting they are.