This category of games is one of the most controversial in the online gaming industry. Because fighting games mean martial arts, battles, or simply fights.

The essence of fighting games

The very name of this category of games indicates that in the game someone will beat someone else. And it’s better if you beat, not you.
All fighting games involve a fight or a fight without the use of weapons. Most often, the character is in a closed or confined space. Such a space is called the arena.

Often, fighting games are confused with such a genre of online games as “Beat them all”, but they are different. The main distinguishing feature of fighting games is that the character cannot go beyond the game arena.

It also distinguishes fighting games from all other genres involving fights, the fact that the entire gameplay is divided into rounds. An odd number of rounds consists of an entire battle, and until all rounds pass, the battle will not end.

In the center of fighting games is always competition, in such games, players do not cooperate with each other, but are opponents or rivals to each other. All fighting games in their essence and spirit resemble eSports championships.

Most often, a fighting game is a battle of two athletes in the same arena. You control your character who fights either against a character who controls a computer, or against a character who controls another player.

Arcade fighting games

All fighting games are made in the genre of arcade. The heyday of their popularity, they are obliged to those countries where citizens are very keen on the player in slot machines. Such gaming halls were very popular in Asia and the United States.

As soon as game consoles were invented, fighting games successfully mastered these platforms, and their popularity increased several times.

History of fighting games

The very first fighting games appeared in 1979 on a slot machine. In this game called Warrior, two knights fought. The author of this game was Tim Skelly.

Now the popularity of fighting games is so great that there are whole fighting games championships held in the world. One of the largest such championships is held in Japan annually. The USA also regularly holds a champion in fighting games. The prize pools at such championships are amazing and I can even compete with the prize pools of championships without rules. At the end of the tournament, videos of such championships go on sale on DVD.

In Russia, they also hold championships in fighting games, but so far this is a rather modest event.

This genre is most often criticized. Fighting games are criticized for the fact that in such games there is no plot, or it is primitive. Also criticized is that you can win here easily, using the simplest techniques for this.

But the main reason for criticism is, of course, the cruelty and violence that are demonstrated during the game. Although these characteristics are not characteristic only for this genre of games.

The most criticized game from this genre can be called Mortal Kombat, but this did not stop the world media industry from being repeatedly inspired by the game to create films, series, cartoons and comics, as well as numerous online video fighting games.