What comes to mind first when we hear about mario games? Legend! Because these games have become legendary during their existence. Computer arcades, in which the main character is a funny little man named Mario, have become loved and dear to several generations of players. You can meet families in which grandfather, dad and son play mario games.

Who is Mario?

Mario is a simple Italian peasant who was originally a plumber by profession, but later tried himself in a variety of forms. Mario recognized the world in 1981. Since then, his popularity has steadily increased.

The scene of the game Mario - Kingdom of the Mushrooms. Over time, the location of mario games changed, and Mario got into interesting and unexpected places.

What can mario do? Mario knows how to destroy what is stopping him in his way, knows how to kill villains and save the princess.

Among gamers there is an opinion that so far no one has come up with a worthy competitor to mario games.

Who created mario games

Nintendo created Mario games, and the first game in this series was called Super Mario Bros. Yes, Mario has a brother, whose name is Luigi.
Over time, mario games have changed a lot, but the main character managed to save, despite his considerable age, the main thing that people around the world loved him: Mario is incredibly charming, very brave. Mario also has a very strong head, otherwise he would have been so cool at breaking bricks with it, getting coins.

And Mario is the holder of a record that is listed in the Guinness Book: mario games were called the best-selling games among computer games.

Genres mario games

Games with the main character Mario have so many types and genres that it’s easy to get confused. The classic game is an arcade, but there are race games where Mario drives a tractor, there is football with Mario, there are games where Mario flies, looking for objects hidden in a huge castle.
There are games in which Mario has to fight or shoot, but even such genres are riddled with charm. Mario shoots pies, and knows how to fight decisively, but not maliciously.

And there are many coloring books with Mario, puzzles, puzzles, cooking games and other genres. But the original genre of mario games remains arcade.

The main wisdom of any of the games with Mario is that, like in the fairy tale about Alice, you should not come close to something, jump on something or eat something if you are not sure that it will not kill you.

Mario knows how to drive vehicles, so the mario games collection has games with skate and jeep racing, there are even helicopter flights. The dramatic moment in the world of Mario is the plot when Mario is forced to play against his brother Luigi.

If you ask fans of online games which game can be called the most addictive, they will answer unequivocally: this is mario games. Because it’s impossible to tear yourself away from the adventures of a plumber Mario!