You will never guess where arcade games came to us from! They lead their story straight from slot machines, which until recently were the only way to play computer video games for children around the world.

Arcade games - what is it?

Remember all these games in which you had to fight with the joystick, catch eggs with a basket or club pucks? These were the first arcade games. And the famous pinball, which is still so famous all over the world, is also from this family of games.

A characteristic feature of arcade games is that the game offers to complete the entire game or one level in a short period of time. At the same time, the gameplay of such games is very addictive, so it is very difficult for the player to postpone the game until he reaches the game goal.

What are arcade games?

There are so many varieties and genres of arcade games that it is quite difficult to count them. This type of game is considered the most common type of game from all video online games.

Arcade games come in the form of solitaire games, which involve laying out cards so that a logical task is solved. Such games do not require a long game process, they can be played even during the working day, but they are very useful for memory and attention, therefore psychologists encourage this type of arcade games.

There are also arcade games of the “three in a row” type. This is a very popular type of game, the famous Lines balls are probably installed in every smartphone. The game is straightforward, also does not require time. The essence of such a game is that it is necessary to collect identical objects in rows of three or more pieces.

A separate type of arcade games is platform games. In such games, you can go through one level at a time, or you can immediately master the whole game, since platformers are very addictive.

Run games is another type of arcade game. This view is also very popular among players of all ages, because the straightforward plot and tasks that stimulate excitement do not allow you to tear yourself away from this game. In run games, all the player has to run and collect some bonuses or points along the way.

Another type of arcade games is presented by simulators. Simulators are so diverse that it’s difficult to even classify them somehow. It can be arcades in which the player acts as the owner of the zoo or the owner of the whole hotel, and he will have to meet visitors and take care of animals.

What is the power of arcade games?

If you give examples of iconic arcade games, you can hear really legendary names - Super Mario or Sonic the hedgehog. Unlike their ancestors, slot machines, modern arcade games already have cool graphics, a powerful and meaningful gameplay. During their existence, they have undergone rapid development and have become high-tech.

But they retained the most important qualities: they are still a world full of adrenaline, exciting adventures and special comforts, which can only be filled with arcade games. And they guarantee a good mood, because in all arcades there is always a system of bonuses that the player receives during the game. And bonuses are always an occasion for a good mood.