The traffic games category contains games in which the plot is based on traffic. If you like fast driving, if you know how to maneuver in a stream of cars, then these games are created especially for you.

What are traffic games?

In these games, machines play a major role. It can be not only cars, but also other means of transportation. Because a person can move in space on anything, and if he does it not alone, then traffic jams will inevitably arise.

The eternal problem of traffic is traffic jams. When many vehicles immediately strive to get to the same destination or are moving in the same direction, a road collapse inevitably occurs, as a result of which people cannot move anywhere in their vehicle.

In online traffic games you will definitely learn what traffic jams are, what obstacle driving is, and also what is road racing. Regardless of which vehicle you move, you still have to outflank your rivals in speed, because traffic games are more often than not race games.

The most interesting facts about road traffic

Do you know which country in the world has the most traffic jams? It turns out in India. In India, the most common cause of traffic jams is cows that enter the road and refuse to leave it. None of the drivers dares to move this sacred animal and clear the way: you have to wait for the cow to leave by itself.

The world's longest traffic jam was 2010, which occurred in China. This traffic jam went down in history and was even used in the plots of some Chinese traffic games. The drivers had to drive a section of a hundred kilometers long for five days, and the traffic jam itself could not resolve within eleven days. The reason for such a serious congestion was a coincidence: repair work began on the road, and at the same time, a huge number of trucks began to transport coal along this route.

Interestingly, scientists have even established the birthplace of traffic jams - Italy. The first traffic jam was recorded in Rome.

Who likes traffic games?

Among fans of traffic games there are many people who have been driving a car for a long time and have a license, but sometimes they want to plunge into the world of driving also virtually. Perhaps many of these people are accustomed to driving carefully and carefully, and games gives them the opportunity to take risks and try themselves in extreme driving.

Also, traffic games are very popular with those players who do not drive a car or have not yet received a license to drive a car. Traffic games are very useful for such players, as they provide an opportunity to practice driving at least virtually and satisfy their interest in driving.

Psychologists believe that traffic games are very beneficial for the human psyche. They develop attention and patience, teach people to be calm about traffic jams, because it is very difficult to endure the agonizing wait in a locked car in the middle of a road clogged with cars.