What is idle games and why is the attention of developers around the world riveted to them? If you believe such an authoritative person in the world of online games as the creator of Jelly Splash and Diamond Dash, Adam Telfer, then idle games is a promising direction in the gaming industry.

Incremental Games

The essence of idle games is that the player clicks on the tap with the mouse. This is a very unusual genre of games, but its popularity is growing so fast that already all mobile charts are headed by idle games.

What is the feature of Incremental games?

Games that a player may not play are called idle games. They also say: Incremental games embody the perfect free-to-play project.

The powerful engaging effect of these games has already been noted.

The essence of idle games is that the player must click the mouse on the screen, and for each click he receives a certain reward. The main goal of idle games is to earn game money. It can be not only money, but also sweets, various other pleasant bonuses.

For idle games, there are a lot of updates that allow you to generate new money or bonuses without even clicking on the mouse button. Therefore, Incremental games are called games that you do not even need to play. Gradually, small satisfaction from acquiring something turns into a thirst for profit, the income curve is growing very much. The player watches this, and it draws into a real addiction. And it doesn’t matter that the game implies the growth of virtual money, anyway, a person gets satisfaction and gets involved.

Resource generation - the foundation of idle games

At the heart of Incremental games is the process of generating certain resources. First, the player earns virtual money, saves it, soon he can afford to get an interesting and useful addition to the game. This is increasingly fueling his excitement. Gradually, the cost of additions and updates is growing more and more, and soon you will see that you are already spending trillions to add an update to the game.

There is an AdVenture Capitalist game, and there the player gradually switches to costs equal to tertrigintillion. But the players do not worry at all, the process draws them more and more and they like it more.

Idle games - kings of the gaming internet

Idle games have flooded the Internet, and now there are even channels that track the process of independent play of your computer in idle games. Experts find it difficult to explain why this game genre has become so popular.

For mobile devices, Incremental games are ideal, so a person does not have any obstacles to returning to his favorite game again and again. These games have very simple mechanics, no matter how large the game. The player easily enters the game, easily leaves it, but he always wants to return and play again.

If a player has not returned to the game for a long time, he is met by a situation there, as a result of which he develops a feeling of guilt. During his absence from the game, his plants may wither, his resources may be stolen or damaged, the clan for which you play may reproach you for the fact that your troops do not participate in the general battle. The player tries to constantly enter the game to keep the situation under control.
The largest game developers around the world puzzle over what magic the creators of idle games own, what is their secret.