The popular game of females as daughters and moms has evolved into the realm of online pregnancy games. In these games, girls may experience parenthood and everything that comes with it at its most basic level - the stage of pregnancy.

What is pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a lovely experience that all girls who chose to become mothers will have. During pregnancy, the baby grows and matures in the womb. Pregnancy has several stages and lasts nine months. During these nine months, every woman's lifestyle is completely changing.

As a woman's lifestyle becomes special during pregnancy, this is all reflected in online pregnant games. Every nation and nationality has rules or beliefs related to pregnancy.

Interesting signs about pregnancy in different nations

The ancient peoples believed that a woman during pregnancy is on the border of the real world and the world of souls, since at this moment a new life settles in her. Therefore, it is very important what happens around the woman during pregnancy, because all the events of the world around them are reflected in the child.

It is customary for many peoples to fulfill all the whims of a pregnant woman, because the child requires it. The expectant mother must be given gifts.

In India, expectant mothers cannot sleep on the street so as not to expose the child to the attack of evil spirits. And pregnant women in India are also recommended to sing as much as possible, because singing attracts good forces and saturates a person with good emotions.

For pregnant Chinese women, there is a whole set of rules that they must adhere to: expectant mothers can not say bad words, you can read only canon books, be sure to listen to a lot of music.

But in Korea, the 9 months that a child spends in the womb are already counted in his age, therefore, when a child is born, he is already one year old.

What pregnant games do we have?

The category pregnant games contains games that reflect changes in a woman's life, affecting all areas of life.

You may learn how to make special healthy meals for pregnant ladies and how to make healthy formula for your baby by playing Cooking Pregnant Games.

Dress up games for pregnant women allow you to play with fashion and select a trendy and attractive clothing for the expectant mother.

In medical pregnancy games, you will have the option of visiting a hospital and undergoing a comprehensive checkup, as well as visiting an ultrasound office to ascertain the sex of the unborn kid.

You will also be able to experience all phases of birthing in medical pregnancy games. Later on, you will be taught how to care for the infant and perform the essential medical treatments for the first year of life.

You'll also find the interior design genre in pregnancy games, where you may pick your favorite style and furnish your unborn child's nursery.