Beautiful, proud, magical creatures! We talk so much about dragons, we make films about them and write about them in books, we created a lot of dragon games. But we never saw them and are unlikely to ever see. Everyone says dragons are fictional creatures.

The main characters of folk traditions

Many people think that our ancestors called the dragons of dinosaurs. But folklore tells stories about dragons as if they had personally seen these creatures. None of the people could see dinosaurs: the last dinosaur died on planet Earth long before the first man was born.

It turns out that the dragon is not a dinosaur at all. This fabulous creature met our ancestors. Perhaps they even had to defend themselves from dragons.

Every people on earth has such a creature as a dragon in myths and legends. And optionally dragons are called scary flying lizards that spit fire. In many peoples of the East, dragons are called strange animals that do not know how to fly.

Stories have survived and survived to this day, in which man nevertheless managed to defeat the dragon. But here the stories of how the dragon obeyed man exist only in fictional stories.

The protagonists of dragon games

In an online video game, dragons did not migrate from folk traditions at all. At all times, the authors of literary works sang the image of the dragon. In the modern era, filmmakers love to make movies about dragons.

It was from movies and cartoons that dragons migrated to online games.

Where dragons are always adventures, battles and dangers. For humans, the dragon is a great danger, and it is very difficult to defeat it. The dragon in dragon games flies beautifully, he knows how to breathe fire and burn cities and countries on his way.

But if a person finds a common language with the dragon, if he makes friends with the dragon, then the dragon will fight in the side of the person. And such a person will be invincible.

Popular stories dragon games

The most popular themes related to dragons in recent years can be called the cartoon "How to Train Your Dragon" and many games created based on this cartoon. Also a very popular plot is the story shown in the series “Game of Thrones”.

Based on these stories, a lot of online multiplayer games have been created in a wide variety of genres. Cool rendering and rich graphics characterize these games. Such dragon games have a lot of fans among adults, because such games themselves represent one big adventure.
But there are also dragon games that are aimed at a more children's audience. Among online video games, they occupy a more popular position. Games were developed for children in which the main characters were cute dragons, very kind and cute.

Such games are presented in a wide variety of genres, including culinary, dress up, logic puzzles, and drafts. Girls are very fond of painting dragons - they select colors for them that are completely unsuitable for dragons, which turn out to be very nice for cute dragons.