The downhill games category contains games in which the player will have only one task: to go down the mountain. But this can be done in different ways, so a lot of games are collected in this category.

What are downhill games?

The essence of all downhill games is the need for the character to go down the mountain. But you can get to the bottom in different ways, so the site offers a huge range of such games. The main advantage of games in this category is that in them each player will have the opportunity to feel the speed. If you love speed, then these games are just for you.

Many people remember the feeling when you rush down the mountain and cannot brake, because your legs run on their own, and the speed only increases. Roughly the same emotions can be experienced by playing downhill games.

In addition to speed, in such games there are definitely obstacles and obstacles that the character of the game will have to overcome in his vehicle.

Sports downhill games

There is such a sport - downhill. The essence of this sport is to overcome a special trail on a mountain bike. The track for downhill games is a set of the steepest descents and ascents, counter-slopes and bumps, holes and obstacles in the form of fallen trees or stones.

In downhill games, athletes ride special bicycles that are equipped with shock absorption on two wheels, and the frame of such a bike has a special geometry.

This is a very dangerous and extreme sport. You need to be able to handle a bike perfectly in order to overcome the tracks for downhill games, as there are often very difficult obstacles and obstacles on such tracks.

What downhill games do we have?

Going down a high hill and overcoming obstacles is not only possible with a mountain bike. In the downhill games category, we have collected games in which the player can master a variety of ways to descend from the mountain.

If you love winter and snow, you can snowboard or ski downhill. Winter mountains are very beautiful when they are covered with snow. You can ride at great speed, perform a variety of tricks. If you are good at snowboarding and skiing, you can even take part in competitions.

You can also go down the mountain by car. There are special off-road vehicles that are able to overcome even the most impassable tracks. In order to drive such a car, you must first complete a training course.

Also in the downhill games category are games in which the player can go down the mountain on special motorcycles. It is also a very dangerous sport, so the player should be very careful.

The character in downhill games can be either an original character that was invented by the creator of the game, or a person you already know - a famous athlete, artist, musician or blogger.

Also, a famous black man drawn from lines can act as a character. These games are designed in a minimalistic way, but that doesn't make them any less interesting.