The kick games category features games in which the main storyline is based on skill and power of the kick.

What is a kick?

When bodies briefly interact with each other with great energy, a shock occurs. This push is called a blow. Depending on the amount of energy, the blow can be of different strength. With a very strong impact, bodies that interact with each other can even collapse.

In many sports, the outcome of the game depends on the strength, precision and accuracy of the strike. These sports include football, in which the outcome of the game is decided by a goal. Also, the power and accuracy of a kick is very important in all ball games, therefore, both in volleyball and in basketball, the power and accuracy of a kick plays a decisive role, therefore all these sports can be classified as kick games.

There is also a sport that is more about hitting than any other. This is boxing. Therefore, the most popular game in the kick games category is boxing.

Real masters of hitting

Taking a master hit is harder than it sounds. Therefore, the Guinness Book of Records includes people who, throughout the history of mankind, were able to make the strongest or most outstanding blows in some other way.

There are true legends among boxers who were able to kill an opponent with one blow. The power of their punches is recorded in the Book of Records, and they themselves are in the history of boxing. These are people like Max Baer, ​​Joe Fraser, George Foreman and Mike Tyson, who has been awarded the title of the man who can make the most powerful punch. But the strongest kick is the athlete Mirko Krokop.

In football, the strongest shot on goal was made by the Brazilian Givanildo Vieira de Sousa. These people have become an example for all athletes, but in order to achieve similar results, they had to train and work to improve their skills over the years.

What kick games do we have?

The kick games category contains games of different genres. Most of them represent specific sports in which the success of the whole game depends on the accurate and strong blow. That is why there are so many soccer games in the kick games category. In these games, the character has to make an accurate shot on goal in order to score a goal. And the player must help his character to do it correctly, so as not to earn a warning or penalty from the referee.

Also in this category are fighting and battle games in which the character goes into battle with the enemy and must demonstrate his power of blow. The ability to strike correctly and accurately is very important in military affairs, because the outcome of a battle depends on what qualities a soldier has. Also in this category there are sports fights in boxing or any other sport related to the martial art.

There are also comic kick games in which the force of the blow can bring the character certain points or bonuses. You have to hit the punching bag, and the harder your blow is, the more points you will be credited.