Solitaire Games

An interesting card game, which called the favorite game of all office workers. Initially, solitaire games developed Sanuk Games for personal computers with Microsoft Windows. Solitaire games is part of a line of solitaire games such as Spider Solitaire or Pyramid Solitaire.

What is solitaire games?

This game belongs to the classic card games. All fans of online games have long loved it, but now its new version has been release, which has become even more interesting and has cool, modern graphics.

You play cards, and your results will enter in the world leaderboard.

This game is very useful, because during the game there is a good training of analytical and logical thinking, and you can play it anytime, anywhere: at a boring meeting or during a trip on the bus.

The rules of the game do not need to be understood for a long time, it is very simple and understandable. No wonder this game has so many fans around the world.

History of solitaire games

Einar Egilsson became the author of the new version of solitaire games, but Nick Bukuley was the real parent of the solitaire card game. It was he who created the very images of maps that we know.

Solitaire is any kind of card game, but the girls used solitaire to guess cards.

The history of solitaire originates in Scandinavia: the game of cards appeared in the 18th century and gradually spread to the whole world.

Modern solitaire games originate in the Klondike solitaire, which became popular in USA in the 19th century, when the famous gold rush occurred. Even today, Klondike Solitaire remains the most popular solitaire game in the world. It is also known as Classic Solitaire.

The modern version of the game has a more advanced level of graphics and animation, but the developers left the fans of this wonderful game so enchanted by the enchanting flights of the deck of cards on the playing field.

There are so many fans of this game in the world that even whole solitaire games championships are held, and if you strive to take first places in the players table, then those cool guys who occupy the top lines of the rating are just the champions in solitaire games.

Varieties of solitaire games

In solitaire games, one player plays. In addition to the card game of the same name, there is also a game with a board and pegs that can replace with balls - such a game is called Peg Solitaire.

The variant of playing pegs on the board was known even during the time of the French king Louis XIV. This game was first mentioned in 1697, since the solitaire game is depicted in a picture in which the Princess de Subiz painter Auguste Berey painted playing this game.

Playing the solitaire games card version has the same principles: the player must clear the “house” cards by sorting their cards into empty cells.

The game provides several modes - with one card and with three cards, so people of different ages, even children, can play this game.