The nitrome games category includes games that were developed and released by a company with an interesting fate and history that deserves your attention.

Who is the author of nitrome games?

Nitrome Games Limited, a video game developer, successfully operates in London. Their video games were previously created using Flash, and then began to be created using Unity. They can be used through internet browsers, and the developer's new games are targeted at mobile gadgets.

Nitrome games began their existence in 2004, when two graphic designers decided to start creating games for mobile platforms. But this decision was gradually transformed in a different direction.

The characters of these games differ in that the authors were inspired to create other popular video games and their characters. Also, popular TV shows and films, cartoons became the inspiration for creating characters.

Chick Flick is considered to be the first game. A video of this game was posted on a temporary website. A total of one hundred forty-six nitrome games have been released since then. Recently, the company has focused on creating exclusively mobile games.

How are nitrome games different?

You can recognize nitrome games by their special design, which is made in the style of pixel art. They also differ in appearance, have a style similar to animation. You can tell them apart by their characteristic sound saver created with chiptune.

A distinctive feature of nitrome games is that they can be played for free after publication on the company's website, and there is also the possibility of licensing for such games on other sites with games.

Interestingly, in the 100th anniversary game, the character had to confront opponents who were the characters of all the company's previous games. The company became famous thanks to Fluffball, which was created back in 2007. The game Bomb Chicken, which was released in game format for the game console, also impressed.

These games have a lot of fans who are attracted by their simplicity and positive mood.

What types of nitrome games do we have?

On the nitrome games portal, games are divided into several sections:

- games that users rated the highest, that is, they have the most ratings or user likes,

- multiplayer games that can be played by two or more people at the same time,

- games that can be played in their personal mobile application,

- all other nitrome games.

Usually games of this developer have from ten to one hundred difficulty levels, and users can play at any level, even if their achievements have been lost.

Some of these games offer the option to purchase additional content.

Among the nitrome games are all known and popular genres of online games, and each user can choose their own entertainment to their liking. The company offers genres and directions of nitrome games for users of all ages. Such games are most often represented by classic arcades and shooters, as well as racing. Even the smallest users will like these games. All games are made in colorful graphics and nice colors.