This is one of the few categories of games that a person falls in love with in early childhood and remains a fan of such games until old age.

Fans of the battle games genre can be found among people of all ages.

Feel like a great commander in battle games

Many parents believe that their sons shouldn't get too involved in battle games, because such games teach cruelty. Other parents believe that it is better for the child to realize his desire to fight and shoot in the world of computer online games than to go out looking for adventure.

In games, anyone will have the opportunity to lead an army, lead their soldiers into battle, and oppose a merciless enemy. Your army may be armed with different types of weapons, some have never even existed. Online games make everything possible, so there are no restrictions in battle games.

Any plots and historical periods of battle games

In the battle games category, you can try your hand at battles against fictional heroes. But games open up great opportunities for those who love and know world military history. Over the entire period of humanity's life on planet Earth, there have been many wars that have become legendary. All these great wars are reflected in battle games.

You can take part in the First World War or the Second World War, speaking on the side of the anti-Hitler coalition. You can take part in the Battle of the Ice.

If you have read a lot about the American Civil War, you can take part in the battle on the side of the southerners or northerners.

Depending on which historical period you choose, your weapons will consist of modern weapons or weapons that have not been used for a long time.

If you are interested in how the battles took place in a primitive society, then get ready to use spears and stones, slingshots or throwing constructions in battle.

If you like wars in the Middle Ages more, then you have to fight with swords and heavy crossbows.

Modern games use modern weapons, but if you are interested in looking into the future, then you can take part in space battle games.

There is no bad weather for battle games

The most favorite type of battle games for all children is snow games, when you can use snowballs as a weapon, and the battle itself takes place in a snow fortress.

If the action takes place in the forest, then anything can be suitable as a weapon for your battles: logs and cones, for example.

In some battle games, the action takes place in the sea or ocean. There are special types of weapons for underwater and surface battles. Combat tactics will also be special.

Modern game developers have come up with many interesting forms of weapons that are familiar to all Internet users. Therefore, all fans of online battle games will have the opportunity to join the battle with emoticons or other Internet characters, for example, Internet memes.