When someone said that everything ingenious is simple, he most likely meant stickman games. Because there was no simpler yet more interesting game.

Who is Stickman?

Stickman is a man who is painted as if the designer who was doing this decided not to bother at all. Conditional image - this is a feature of all stickman games. In about the same way, the first people on earth painted the little men on the walls of the cave. In the same way small children draw a person.

We can see the image of a person with the help of five lines and a circle anywhere: the legend usually depicts a person schematically, therefore, these drawings are familiar to us from childhood, everyone understands.

The authors of the comics even founded a whole direction in which people are portrayed only this way and not otherwise. These comics are very popular, and people like to read this, because the main thing in such comics is not the drawing, but the plot, the dialogue of the characters and high-quality humor.

What is stickman games about?

A lot of stickman games can be found on the Internet. Such games are in demand by players, because they offer a variety of stories. Both boys and girls of any age can play in them.

The genres of stickman games can be very different. But the main areas of games are still fighting games, since Stickman is not just a little man, but a real martial artist. So most games are still fights.

Despite the genre, in stickman games, cruelty and aggression are practically not observed. Because everything is depicted schematically, even the death of the enemy and the accompanying blood.

Varieties of stickman games

Among the games that make up the stickman games universe are shooting games, arcade games, and logic games. Stickman loves to try himself in a variety of professions, so there are games in which he fishes, and there are those where he is an astronaut and goes to distant planets.

There are stickman games where you just have to run collecting bonuses along the way, and there are even logical games.

Stickman is very easy to master a variety of modes of transport, it is very professionally manages the bike and is easily transplanted behind the wheel of an SUV. He can even be a pilot - and in civil aviation, in space forces.

And Stickman as a climber conquers impregnable peaks.

In the row of stickman games there is even dress up games: there you need to put on a little man, draw his hair and create a certain hairstyle. By the way, Stickman can be both a boy and a girl, so in dress up games you can create both men's outfits and women's.

Stickman games is an amazing phenomenon in the online video game industry because it came about when leading game developers compete with each other for the title of the coolest graphics. And in such a situation, the appearance of stickman games, in which graphics are generally minimal, as well as the rise in popularity of this series of games, seems like an amazing event.