One of the most interesting categories of online games is mining games. Under this name, games are collected in which the action takes place in mines underground, and the main characters are miners.

Main stories mining games

Most mining games are dedicated to mines and the people who work in them. Mines are called underground artificial spaces that are organized in order to extract minerals for the earth.

Since a mine is an industrial enterprise, all games have elements of an economic game: minerals must be extracted from the earth and profitably realized.

Mining games can take place underground, in the mountains, under water, in the desert. Also, the plot of the game can occur in space.

Often, the genre of mining games is combined with the genre of horror or dangerous adventures. Be careful, your character can be in danger at every turn: it can be a scary fantastic creature or just bandits who attacked the mine and are going to rob the miners and take out all the gold that the miners managed to get from there.

The main characters of mining games

The main characters of all games are miners - people who work in a mine, mine ore or coal. These are fearless people, because being a miner is a dangerous profession. Every time a person descends underground and risks himself. Many cases of shedding and collapse of mines occurred in the entire history of mining. And since with the extraction of minerals there is a production of associated gas, sometimes this gas can accumulate, and then an explosion occurs.

Miners can mine in games not only ore or coal, but also gold and diamonds, precious stones. Often in mining games there are stories in which the action takes place not in an industrial enterprise, but in abandoned mines, where work has not been carried out for a long time. Adventurers and money seekers come to such mines to find gold and become rich.

Scary stories in mining games

Often, many scary and exciting stories are associated with mines. Since the mine itself seems a dangerous place, people have come up with many stories and legends about the ghosts and evil spirits that live in the mines.

The subjects of mining games are often related to the fact that a character who is in the mine is haunted by some kind of monster or ghost.
Most often, games are games of addicting, collecting or arcade games in which you need to collect everything that the mine offers into a collection. Be careful: in such games you may come across unnecessary and dangerous objects along the way that will harm you. Beware of such finds.

In most cases, the mine resembles a labyrinth in which it is very easy to get lost. Therefore, one of the most popular genres in mining games will be the maze game, from which you need to find a way out. Often there are plots on which in order to get out of the maze, you need to solve a problem, puzzle, complete a task. In the mining games category, quest games and logic games are often found.