The category c contains games dedicated to the old battleship game. This game was played by our distant ancestors long before computers and the Internet were invented.

What is battleship?

Battleship was originally conceived as a game in which only two players can play. The essence of this game is that each participant calls the other in turn certain coordinates on his battlefield, trying to guess where the enemy ships are located. If the blow hits the place where the enemy ship is in reality, then part of the ship or the entire ship, if it is small enough to be blown up by one blow, is sunk. In case of a successful hit, the player who made the move gets the opportunity to make another move.

Modern children also love to play battleship games, so there are a huge number of online battleship games in the world that completely duplicate the classic game, but only in the online version.

And although the board game battleship appeared in 1931, schoolchildren around the world played such a game much earlier, simply by drawing pieces of paper in a box.

Battleship game rules

Usually the playing field for a battleship game is a square, which is lined by ten squares vertically and ten squares horizontally. All cells must be numbered so that the opponents can name the designation of those cells that are hit.

Ships vary in the number of cells they occupy. A four-deck or battleship occupies four cells, and there is usually only one such ship in a set. There are two three-deck ships - these are cruisers of three cells. The set also includes three double-deck ships or destroyers, which consist of two cells, as well as four single-deck torpedo boats.

The winner is the player who was the first to sink all the ships of his opponent.

What battleship games do we have?

Such an interesting and popular game as battleship games simply could not fail to attract the attention of developers of computer online games. Soon, all sorts of versions of computer programs began to appear, in which an imitation of the battleship game was reproduced.

The principle of the game remained the same, but the computer versions could differ in the structure of the playing field or the design of the ships.

In the online games version, this is not necessary: ​​game developers and designers have thought up and done everything for you. You don't need to stock up on notebooks or pens to play. In order to play online battleship games, you don't even need another person - you can play with the computer and practice your skills in the game, in order to then demonstrate your skills in the game with friends.

Battleship games always have a very beautiful stylized nautical design, they are equipped with colorful graphics and themed music. The heroes of the games can be your favorite cartoon characters, and the ships themselves can also have a cartoon design. All online battleship games have simple and straightforward gameplay.