Games in this category are exclusively for soccer fans. Because only those who know the rules of football and are a football player or fan will truly appreciate the value of penalty games.

What is a Penalty Shootout?

A penalty kick is also called a penalty kick. The football referees as a penalty or penalty assign penalties. This is a shot on goal, when all protection is removed from the goal and only one goalkeeper is left. If a penalty is awarded, then the fate of the game depends on whether the goalkeeper catches the goal or not.

A football player from Ireland named McCrum invented the penalty. Then this type of free kick was called the death penalty.

There is a world ranking of the most legendary penalties that decided the outcome of the game.

Penalty rules

Penalty rules were established in 1891 and have not changed since then.

To take a penalty, the ball should be placed at a mark of 11 meters from the goal, and also determine the player who will take the penalty. The goalkeeper stands on the goal line between the posts. It is forbidden for the goalkeeper to approach the one who kicks the penalty, to go out or run out in his direction: only the goalkeeper can move to the right or left on the goal line.

At the time of the penalty shootout, the rest of the football team must leave the football field. Even if the game time expires after a penalty kick has been awarded, the referees add time to finish the penalty.

A penalty can be imposed by the referee as a penalty, penalty or in a situation where the course of the game can only be decided by the appointment of a penalty. Such situations occur when, during the game and even during extra time, the teams were so arenas in their strengths that they could not determine the winner.

Who likes penalty games?

The fans of penalty games presented in this category are football fans and those people who love and know how to play football.

Since the penalty in the game is a tense moment, the penalty shootout games player must take his task responsibly.

Penalty games have a fairly simple gameplay. The player can adjust the ball hitting force and direction. In terms of these two characteristics, the player should try to score a goal or a certain number of goals in the appointed time.

Such games are very useful for those who plan to develop their eyes, attention and the ability to correlate the force of the blow and its direction. Also, with the help of penalty games, the player will have the opportunity to learn how to plan a strike by analyzing the behavior of the opponent. The player should carefully study how the goalkeeper moves in the goal, and then calculate to which angle his kick should be directed.

All penalty shootout games are football field simulators, which are made in full accordance with the real football field and have realistic graphics. But penalty games will be interesting not only for football fans, but also for those players who are not yet very well versed in football rules, but really want to get to know this sport better.