The bratz games category contains games in which the main characters are world-famous Bratz dolls. The history of the popularity of Bratz dolls is a story that shocked the whole world, because many still cannot understand what the secret of the popularity of Bratz games is.

Bratz dolls and Bratz games

Bratz are small dolls, only 25 centimeters tall, which were released by the series by MGA Entertainment in 2001. At first, there were only four Brother dolls - Sasha, Cloe, Jade and Yasmin. Later, the number of Bratz girls in the collection expanded.

A feature of these dolls was their appearance: the dolls' heads were made hypertrophied, and their bodies were deliberately thin. The dolls had bright makeup on their faces, they had almond-shaped eyes and lips exaggeratedly large and plump.

Bratz dolls quickly became very popular, and their popularity began precisely in Europe: from Italy, France and Spain. But a year later, the popularity of these dolls spread throughout the world.

Very quickly, Bratz dolls became competitors of famous Barbie dolls, they confidently took away from Barbie dolls their place as a leader in the toy market. Five years later, Bratz dolls owned 40% of the doll market worldwide.

Features of Bratz dolls

Bratz dolls cannot be confused with others, since they are very different in appearance: they have a large head and large feet, but the body is short and small, and the legs and arms are very thin. You cannot remove your shoes from them, you can only unfasten the entire lower part of the leg.
In addition to those Bratz dolls that were released first, there are also Bratz Boys, Bratz Babyz, Bratz Kids.

Also very popular were the Lil Bratz series and the clothing collection that was released especially for them by Lil Bratz Couture.

Online doll life and Bratz games

After a special social network was developed for the Be-Bratz series dolls, and a flash drive was attached to the dolls themselves, using which the doll owner could create a profile for his doll on this secret social network, Bratz dolls firmly penetrated the Internet and Bratz games flooded the game world.

The emergence of the Bratzillaz series of dolls, which were cousins of the original series of dolls, witches, increased the popularity of the series. After that, active production of cartoons about Brats dolls, TV series and video online games began.

Games in the Bratz games category are represented in the most popular genres. Among them, everyone will find a game of interest: there are adventure games, arcades, and interesting coloring books, drawing games. Also Bratz games are presented in the category of online logic games and puzzles. But most of all Bratz games are created in the category of dress up, makeover and hair style games. Since the images of Bratz dolls are diverse and interesting, players have the opportunity to experiment with their looks and outfits. In addition to the standard original clothing sets that the manufacturer has brought to the market for each themed doll series, there are also many other designs that players can experiment with at Bratz games.