All games in the robot games category are dedicated to robots. This word has already become familiar in our everyday life, but once it seemed a distant fantasy. With such an amazing phenomenon, like robots, it is worth getting to know better.

Robots are the main characters of robot games

Who are robots? They seem to be living beings, so much they know and know. But robots are just artificially created machines. These are devices that were invented in order to perform certain actions that do not require reflection, but require only mechanical automatic operation.

Robots do things that are difficult for humans or reluctance to do. Man endowed robots with artificial intelligence, this mind controls the machine. The robot has many sensors that read everything that happens around the robot, transmit information to its artificial brain. There, this information is processed, analyzed, and only then the robot, on the basis of the received data, performs one or another operation.

There are robots everywhere in our lives. They have become so ordinary that we don’t even think about how many robots are involved in our lives. The robot pours hot coffee in the machine, the robot gives us money at an ATM, robots play and entertain us even in amusement parks.

History of robots and robot games

Like many other fantastic things that later came into the everyday life of man, the concept of “robot” was invented by the writer Karel Chapek. That is why the Czech word "robot" has become world famous. And the idea of such a name was suggested to the writer by his brother, an artist.

Humanity has long dreamed of the emergence of such special mechanisms. Such dreams were reflected in fairy tales and myths. Already in Ancient Greece, legends were told about Cadmus, who grew a soldier from the teeth of a dragon. The story of Pygmalion and Galatea is also a variant of the story of an artificially created creature such as a robot. The story of the Golem, which was created from clay and endowed with human abilities, is widely known. For the first time, the use of the robot in real life became known in the Hellenic legend, when lighthouses in the form of female figures were installed on the island of Faros, which automatically beat the flasks after a certain period of time.

Who likes robot games

In the category of robot games, games are collected in which the main characters are robots. Throughout their history, robots have undergone a lot of changes, so in games they look like a modern person used to imagine robots.

But among robot games you can find any genre to your liking. Here there are walkers, and fights with robots, and races, as well as quest and adventure games.

Also, fans of robot games have the opportunity to act as a designer, create their own robot that will look cool and stylish, and, most importantly, original, because it will be made according to your personal design.

For girls, there are also many robot games that they like. Among the robots there are real fashionistas and fashionistas, so do not be surprised if you meet robot games in the genre of dress up. For those who like to draw, there are also suitable games where you will have the opportunity to create real art masterpieces.