Baby Hazel is a little girl who is the hero of many different interesting games. Her name comes from the word "hazelnut", and she herself looks like a small pretty nut.

What is baby hazel games about?

These are games about Baby Hazel herself and her friends. There are many different stories, but all baby hazel games have one thing in common - their main character.

Baby Hazel is a very good girl. She has many friends, loving parents and various interests. She also has a light character and is always in a good mood.

You will definitely enjoy playing with Baby Hazel. Moreover, in this section there are a lot of interesting baby hazel games.

What are baby hazel games?

What to do in baby hazel games? Of course, play.

Baby Hazel's most favorite games are dress up games. In these games, you can choose a dress for the baby for the holiday or in kindergarten, you can choose for Baby Hazel a variety of outfits for every day. And here you can make a hairstyle for Baby Hazel and apply light makeup. Sometimes even babies like Hazel want to have a manicure, so you can help her choose a design that is suitable for little girls like her.

Hazel also loves when the whole family prepares a variety of interesting dishes in the kitchen. Therefore, there are so many cooking baby hazel games. You can prepare a delicious breakfast or treat for the festive table with your baby, bake beautiful cupcakes or make a real birthday cake. Baby Hazel will be happy to help you prepare your favorite meals.

Of course, there are things that Hazel does not like to do. She does not like visiting doctors. Therefore, in baby hazel games you will have the opportunity to try on the role of a doctor and try to cure the baby so that she remembers with a smile a good doctor and is no longer afraid to go to the doctor. If you got the role of a dentist, then try to act carefully so that Hazel does not cry.

What is the use of baby hazel games?

Among baby hazel games there are so many educational games. Hazel is still a little girl, so she is constantly learning something and acquiring new skills.

Try to play with her logic games for the smallest. She will definitely like to think about fun tasks and solve simple puzzles. And you will help her to cope with easy tasks and move to more difficult ones.

Also among baby hazel games there are a lot of coloring books and drawings. Such games develop fine motor skills and are taught to choose and combine colors correctly. Hazel has a whole collection of amazing felt-tip pens and paints, it will not be boring for you to paint pictures from your favorite Hazel cartoons, as well as portraits of her favorite characters.

Hazel loves puzzles, so especially for her there are many games that you need to reflect on to solve logic puzzles.