The time games category contains games in which you have to complete a certain task in a certain period of time. In such games, the main thing is to have time, until the time runs out, to complete the task. Otherwise, you will lose.

Time is the main character of time games

Can time be called the main character of the game? Definitely yes. After all, it is time that all tasks and plots of time games obey. It is time that decides whether you win or lose. As the clock ticks down the seconds and minutes, you can be a winner or a loser. But if you do not have time to do something, then time will not stop and will not wait for you. Time never stops, it is relentless. Therefore, poets often call time ruthless.

What is time? It is a form that measures physical or mental processes that take place in space. Such a concept as time is used by a huge number of various sciences on earth: physics, mathematics, philosophy and psychology, as well as many others.

Philosophers love to say that time cannot be stopped or turned back. You will feel it very well when you play the time games.

Interesting facts about time

Our universe has existed for almost fourteen billion years. During this time, the Universe managed to do a lot, including creating the planet Earth and all of us, as well as giving us time to take a good look around this planet and even spoil a lot of things. The player who chooses time games will be given much less time to complete the task, but the task will be easier than creating an entire planet with people.

Did you know that dates change at a certain place, which is located in the Pacific Ocean at 180 meridian. But the most interesting thing is not even this, but the fact that people also live in this place. And their life takes place just between two dates. People took a step to the right - they found themselves in their own future, took a step to the left - found themselves in their own past and lived this yesterday again.

Those players who choose games will have a very high chance of completing the game again if they fail to complete the task within a certain period of time.

What time games do we have?

If you like time games, then you like to test yourself for strength and speed, act decisively and quickly.

You can prepare lunch for a certain period of time and serve it to visitors in the cafe if you choose culinary time games.

You can take part in speed races and try to overcome the difficult track in a certain period of time if you choose car games.

You can collect a difficult puzzle, Rubik's cube, solve a difficult problem or find a way out of a confusing situation if you choose logic games.

You can try to shoot all the zombies in a certain period of time if you choose shooting games.

We have a huge variety of options, so you can easily find an interesting one for yourself.