The side scrolling games category contains games that use the technology of scrolling computer displays. This is a special type of online computer games that are combined according to the way in which what is happening in the game is displayed on the screen.

What are side scrolling games?

In such a game, you can watch the gameplay through a virtual camera located at the edge of the screen. Characters in the game can only move sideways. This is how side-scroller technology works. This category of games emerged after games replaced single-screen games. This transition became a symbol of the revolution in arcade production. With the advent of such games, the third generation of game consoles was developed.

The importance of the emergence of side scrolling games technology is as great as the emergence of 3D graphics in computer games. 3D games have replaced side scrolling games, but without this technology, 3D games would not have been invented.

Who loves side scrolling games?

While there are cooler PC game technologies out there, the side scrolling games category has its fans. New games are still being developed and released, which makes fans very happy.

If you've never played a game like this, then you should definitely give it a try. Many modern players who do not know about the existence of this genre, since they began their acquaintance with computer games in the age of three-dimensional graphics, learn from side scrolling games and become loyal fans of this genre.

In the side scrolling games category we offer games for people of all ages. People with any interests will surely find something interesting for themselves in this category. We are sure that having looked into this category once, you will definitely come back here again.

What side scrolling games do we have?

Shooters are the most common of these games. The first shooter created using games technology and ushering in a new era of gaming technology was Defender in 1981. Since then, a huge number of shooters with this technology have been released, and they all have a number of features that are very appreciated by fans of this genre.

Racing games are also a popular area of ​​side scrolling games. The first representatives of this genre began to appear in the Asian segment of the gaming industry, for example, such as Speed ​​Race, which was released by Japanese developers in 1974. After that, games actively used the genre of racing games, creating new interesting projects.

Another popular category of side scrolling games is platformers. The technology was first used in the Jump Bug game, where the car had to jump on platforms. Later, the genre of platformers began to develop quickly and efficiently, gradually some really cool representatives of the genre began to appear, among which the Nintendo game was the most memorable.

Another interesting genre that was created on the basis of side scrolling games is beat 'em up. These are martial arts games that were developed by developers from Hong Kong. Later, this genre gained a lot of popularity after the release of the game Double Dragon from Technos.