The ability to run fast has never let anyone down. Man has always been running. Even at the very beginning of human history, the ability to run was not just a person's ability to move, but also an important way to keep oneself alive.

Now a person has many opportunities to run for fun. But thanks to the existence of running games, you can even run in the virtual world.

What is running?

Not only man can run. Animals spend their entire lives on the run. For animals, running is a natural state, just like sleeping or eating. But modern man began to run much less. Modern man has other ways of getting around. We invented cars, trains, planes and ships, we use bicycles, scooters and skateboards to get around. There are so many ways of movement in space that it is not at all necessary for a person to run.

Still, a lot of people go out and run, because running is a great way to keep your body in a healthy physical condition.

In the running games category, you have the opportunity to find out what ways of running are. These games are filled with stories in which the main character has to run for various reasons.

How is running useful?

It is very beneficial for human health to run at least sometimes. This is not only a good workout, but also building endurance in yourself, getting rid of excess weight and tidying up your muscles. It is also an increase in immunity, which protects us from all diseases.

For running games characters, running is a way to achieve a goal. If these are games that simulate running as a sport, then you can try on the role of an athlete who competes in running sports. In such cases, the ability to run fast will lead him to the gold medal. If these are adventure games or arcade games, then the ability to run helps your character to quickly solve the task set for him by the game.

There are also running games in which the character must run in order to escape from the enemy, in order to have time to cross dangerous territories or in order to catch up with the enemy.

Running as a sport

The ability to run fast was introduced into the Olympic Games program back in 1210 BC, when the first Olympics took place. Hercules, who, according to ancient myths, had to run a lot in his lifetime, organized this Olympiad. And if in Ancient Greece, running competitions were held at a distance of 192 meters, that is, at one stage, then gradually such competitions became more complicated, and the distances that the runner had to run increased.

In running games, you will not only have to run on level ground or in a stadium. In such games, you can be offered complicated distances, on which there will be numerous obstacles in the form of abysses, cliffs, ponds or windbreaks. It can also be special stadiums, which are equipped with special sports equipment for running with obstacles.

It is interesting in running games that in the process of running the character will also have to collect bonus points and solve problems that will arise on his way. Often running games turn into various adventures and quests.