Games in this category are related in their plot and characters to the legendary film of the same name.

The basis of the story in the movie "Alien"

There is no person who has not watched or at least heard about the movie "Alien". It is a cult movie that combines the genres of horror, thriller, science fiction and action.

This legendary film was directed by Ridley Scott and starred by actress Sigourney Weaver, to whom this film brought worldwide fame. The film was released in theaters back in 1979, when computer graphics were just beginning their history, and no one had heard of 3D graphics.

The film has many awards that only prove how successful the Alien story has been. This film has 4 Academy Awards and many other important and significant awards in the field of cinema.

The plot of the story about alien

Alien is an alien who behaves very aggressively towards the crew of a spaceship launched into space from planet Earth. Gradually Alien tracks down all the crew members and kills them.

After this film came out, there were a lot of works of art on the plot of the film. Also, the release of the film marked the beginning of a huge number of alien games online videos. The appearance of Alien himself, as well as the main characters, the crew members have become recognizable, so stylized alien games are easy to recognize.

In the film, the alien is called the "eighth passenger", and this statement, like many other quotes from the film, became very popular. The eighth passenger is often the main character in alien games online.

What types of alien games do we have?

The first computer alien games were released for video game consoles back in 1982. It was an arcade game with a Pac-Man storyline, just the main character was replaced by an astronaut who had to collect all the Alien eggs.

Gradually, alien games' genres and plots became more diverse. Now you can find space games with RPG elements among games. Also in the alien games category there are many shooters and fights, battles and action.

In addition to active game genres in the alien games category, one can find logic games and puzzles, which often combine detective or search genres.
The setting of such games is a spaceship or open space, and the main game characters can be members of the crew of the spaceship, as well as the most famous character played in the film by Sigourney Weaver.

Despite the fact that the film was released a long time ago, its fame is not getting weaker, but getting stronger every year. After the release of numerous films and books based on the original story, new games are appearing in all genres and directions. You can find games even in the genre of drawing or dress up for girls.

All alien games have in common that they are exciting and interesting, combine the genres of horror and science fiction.