Games of the drifting games category are not just car games, this is a test of your ability to hold a steering wheel in your hands and your ability to hold a car on the track. Do you want to check what you are capable of? Then join the drifting games.

Dangerous driving with drifting games

What is a drift? This is a car driving that involves sharp turns on the track so that the car spins sharply, and the car is skidding. Why are they doing this? On the one hand, this is a show, a stunt and extreme game that thrill-seekers love to watch. On the other hand, this is a demonstration of how skillfully a driver controls his car, how he can cope with driving even in a very difficult situation.

Experts say the drift as a vehicle driving technique in which the driver fully controls the car during cornering at the most extreme degrees of the steering angle and speed, at which a person can keep the car on the road and owns a controlled skid.

For cars that are used for drift, special requirements are also imposed: it must be a rear-wheel drive car. Most often, cars of Toyota, Nissan, BMW, Chevrolet, Dodge and some others are used for drifting.

Drifting Games Competition

Like any other sport, drifting games has its own tournaments and competitions. Usually such competitions are held on difficult tracks - on mountain roads with a large number of turns, on tracks covered with ice.

Often, as a task, competitors are asked to repeat the trick that the first car shows. In order to hone your skills in drifting, there are specially equipped tracks in the country where you can try your skills in drifting.

Online drifting games is safe and exciting

Drift is dangerous, but there is a way to hone your skills in driving in a controlled drift and in sharp turns without threatening life and health. This is an online drifting games, where everything is the same as in reality, but only in the virtual space.

In online drifting games there are all the same cool tracks and dangerous turns. Here is a car driving simulator, which is particularly realistic, and you have the opportunity to show the level of car ownership.

There are different forms of passing the track: you can repeat the figures behind the main car, you can participate in races when cars pass the tracks close to each other. After completing the course, the judges will score points for you, and your result will depend on how quickly you went your way, how much the path you are following the turn corresponds to the requirements of the competition, how sharp the angle you go through the turn. The judges also evaluate the car’s driving style, which shows that your passage is not the result of chance, but the result of persistent focused training. Also, the judge’s ratings depend on how spectacular the course was. Naturally, when making the final assessment, the judge will evaluate how much the audience liked you.