If you decide to play helicopter games, then you are interested in these interesting air vehicles - helicopters.

Why are they interesting? Those that originally appeared in books in the genre of fiction, but later became so firmly embedded in human everyday life that now it is very difficult to imagine modern society without them.

What is a helicopter?

Externally, the helicopters resemble a dragonfly. But such a huge iron dragonfly is capable of performing feats and helping a person in military affairs, in medicine, in the transportation of goods, in saving the planet from fires, in saving people in case of natural disasters. Helicopters are able to deliver people even to such hard-to-reach corners of the globe, which cannot be reached by any other transport, often it is impossible to get there even on foot.

The helicopter games category contains games in which you will have a happy opportunity to learn more about this unique machine and try yourself as a helicopter pilot.

Who loves helicopter games?

If you think that the audience for helicopter games consists only of boys or men, then you are wrong, because many women and girls love helicopters too, because helicopters are a very romantic form of transport.

Helicopters are divided into several types according to their purpose. Passenger helicopters carry people. Transport helicopters transport vehicles or cargo. Agricultural helicopters help treat fields with fertilizers or pesticides. Search and rescue helicopters help to search for people in hard-to-reach places of the earth after disasters or accidents. There are also multipurpose helicopters that can be used in all areas.

What kinds of helicopter games do we have?

Depending on what type of helicopter was taken as the basis for developing the game, all helicopter games are divided into certain genres and types.

If your game is dedicated to a military helicopter, then this is a battle game or a shooting game. With the help of a helicopter, you can conduct long-range combat with the enemy. Also, the helicopter helps to deliver and land troops in a certain area. In such games, you should be very careful in order to have time to dodge the hail of shells that the enemy will pour over you.

If your helicopter is designed for rescue operations, then in the game you will be tasked with extinguishing forest fires or rescuing people from the flood zone. This is a very dangerous business, the player needs to masterfully drive a helicopter in order to avoid collision with a wall of fire and not to fly into dangerous territories.

If you have a helicopter that is designed for different purposes, you can take part in helicopter races. Air racing is always fun and exciting, so get ready to get a huge dose of adrenaline. Before taking part in the competition, go through the tutorial level of the game to learn how to fly helicopters. This skill will come in handy in all helicopter games.

In the category helicopter games you can find logic games for yourself, as well as games of creative genres - drawing or puzzles.