The rotate games category contains games in which the main skill that you need to master in order to succeed is the ability to rotate shapes. All rotate games are puzzles in which you need to think and calculate your actions, because in each of these games there is a mystery.

What are puzzles?

Many people on earth love puzzles. This is the name for difficult tasks that can only be solved by a smart person who knows how to think and think outside the box.

Every puzzle is based on some scientific property or rule, therefore people of science are very fond of solving puzzles. They need to solve puzzles regularly to train their brain.

There are people of different ages among puzzle lovers. And for every age, such online rotate games are very useful, because they train thinking and help develop an analytical mind.

History of puzzles

Since the genre of puzzle games may seem a bit boring to someone who is going to play rotate games, you should first get to know the history of puzzles. You can see for yourself that people have been solving puzzles since ancient times.

There are such complex puzzles that the ancient Egyptians began to solve. Judging by the fact that these puzzles have survived to our time, they have not lost their relevance since then.

One of the most popular games, on the basis of which most rotate games were created, was the game of "tags" - it appeared in the late 19th century and is still very popular.

What rotate games do we have?

The essence of each games is that in order to achieve the result, the player needs to turn or move objects or parts of objects.

A large number of rotate games are built on the principle of swapping game details. Typically, these games represent a playing field filled with chips, and the player needs to swap, move, or rotate the chips in order to line up in a specific sequence.

Another example of the famous games type puzzle is the Rubik's cube. This puzzle is also based on the rotate games principle. The player needs to rotate the elements of the cube until each side contains parts of only one color.

A lot of online puzzles are built on the principle of rotate games, which have colorful and positive graphics and are equipped with a pleasant soundtrack, so you can play such puzzles, enjoying the very process of the game.

The most popular puzzle, created on the basis games, is a puzzle, that is, a picture that must be assembled from fragments by rotating and moving the fragments, swapping them. There are a lot of puzzles in the rotate games category. Online jigsaw puzzles have great advantages over real jigsaw puzzles: real jigsaw puzzles are very expensive, and online jigsaw puzzles you can play for free. You can also change the picture you collect as soon as you get bored with it, and you do not have to go to the store and spend money on a new picture.