All girls at all times dreamed of becoming princesses. And modern girls dream of becoming Disney princesses. And if in real life not everyone can become a princess, but only one who can marry a prince or who is lucky to be born in a royal family, then every girl can become a princess in online princess games.

What kind of princesses are there in princess games?

This category includes those online games in which the main characters are the princess. There are many fairy tales about princesses, and the princess game was necessarily invented about each such princess.

So, let's get acquainted with the princesses about whom the games were invented.

The most popular princesses are, of course, Disney princesses.

Everyone knows these beautiful girls. Princess Ariel is the hero of a beautiful fairy tale about the little mermaid, about which Disney created the most beautiful cartoon. Princess Belle is the hero of the fairy tale of Beauty and the Beast, who conquered her beauty with an impregnable scary beast, and then managed to conjure him from evil spells, as a result of which he turned into a prince. Princess Snow White is the hero of the cartoon, which was created many years ago, but the popularity of Princess Snow White is still preserved.

There are also games about Princess Anne and Princess Elsa, who were the main characters in the cartoon "Frozen", Princess Jasmine - the same one with whom Aladdin, Princess Mulan, Pocahontas, Tiana fell in love. Princess Rapunzel with her long hair and Cinderella are the most important princess of all the princesses.

What are princess games?

What every princess needs for complete happiness:

- a beautiful dress, better even two. But, to be honest, all the princesses dream that they have so many dresses so that they can change them every 15 minutes. Therefore, the most beloved of all the princess games are, of course, dress up games.
- pretty haircut. The hairstyle should be such that all the other princesses in the world turn green with envy. Therefore, the next important genre of princess games is hairstyles.
- beautiful makeup, so makeover games are very popular among princess games.

And princesses are very talented and creative girls, so they can try themselves in a variety of professions. Princess games are presented in the genres of culinary games, games about professions.

What games do princesses like to play?

Princesses with pleasure play creative games: they like to draw, color, solve puzzles, make pictures from puzzles and mosaics, think over the design of the room. And princesses like to learn something new, so there are a lot of developmental and educational games among princess games.
But among the princesses there are very brave and desperate girls who do not mind taking part in horse racing or cars, who like to participate in action games or go on a journey full of adventure. Many princesses perfectly control vehicles, shoot excellently and can win any street battles.