The rally games category contains games that give you the opportunity to take part in the rally. Rallying is not an ordinary race, but a special event. Many people do not understand the difference, but connoisseurs will immediately say that the opportunity to take part in a rally is an incredible chance that falls out only once in a lifetime.

What is a rally?

Auto races that take place on special tracks, open or closed, modified specifically for such an event, are called rallies.

How is a rally different from a regular car race? The main difference is that the rally runs on roads that can be used by other cars, but at the time of the rally these roads are blocked. Also a feature of the rally is that cars must be marked when passing checkpoints. Cars can gain maximum speed only in special places on the track, and not throughout the race. But as soon as cars leave such areas, they must comply with all traffic rules and move in the stream of cars like all cars.

Rally games history

For the first time the rally was held in 1894, but this name was used only in 1907 at the rally in Monte Carlo. Gradually, the rally became a huge event. In 1895, the huge Paris - Bordeaux - Paris rally took place, the length of the route of this rally was 1178 km.

At first, during the rally, there were many accidents, they even ended in the death of athletes or spectators. For a certain period of time, the rally was even banned for this reason. After that, the rally organizers figured out how to avoid this. For the rally, they began to build special tracks, racing tracks. The first time on the track, which was specially built for the rally, took place in 1907.

Now grandiose rallies are held, such as Paris-Dakkar-Paris, and the rally itself has become an international sport. Special requirements apply to vehicles that take part in the rally. Car companies produce special car models for the rally.

What rally games do we have?

Since the rallies themselves differ in the type of track they are held on, the rally games category also includes games of different types. One type of rally games invites you to go through a battle track that runs along the roads of a common user. On such routes, you can face any surprises, you can meet obstacles in the form of traffic jams, damaged asphalt sections, slow pedestrians. But you can also take part in the rally on the track, which was created specifically for such competitions. On such tracks, nothing can limit your speed, and the result of the competition will depend only on you.

In the rally games category, all games are made very realistic. As in real rallies, the races are recorded here, and the co-drivers read the races for the rally pilots. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to prepare for turning in advance.