Funny Shopping Supermarket

Funny Shopping Supermarket

About game «Funny Shopping Supermarket»

Kids, help our friends find all the items on their shopping list. There are product lists. Collect all the items and put them in grocery bags. Don't forget to go to the cashier to pay! The supermarket sells a variety of products: vegetables, sweets, clothes, fruits, meat, carpentry tools. Unlock achievements, have fun and enjoy the game! The main thing is to give the buyer the goods they order. For example, in the section with vegetables, you need to collect only certain vegetables, if other varieties get in the bag, you will have to throw them away and start again collecting everything according to the list. This game is perfect for children, so that they begin to understand how to behave in a supermarket and that all goods must be paid at the checkout, and only then leave the store. Serve all customers to keep your supermarket the most visited. Good luck!

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