Funny Hair Salon

Funny Hair Salon

About game «Funny Hair Salon»

Welcome to our newly opened hairdressing salon, we not only do beautiful hairstyles and model haircuts, but we can also solve all the client's problems related to his hair or lack of it. In the virtual game Funny Hair Salon, you will need to work with unusual clients. Here is your first visitor who wants to have a thick head of hair, but while his bald spot is shiny on the top of his head, and besides, his skin does not look the best. So, you got your hair dryer and scissors early. First, you need to settle the visitor's other issues: rid his bald head of insects and large pimples. Take on healing and recovery. First of all, deal with the insects that have settled on the poor man's head, then remove the pimples, and then you can start building with an ox. The visitor should leave the Funny Hair Salon happy and beautiful.

Watch how to play: