Frozen Jump

Frozen Jump

About game «Frozen Jump»

Play Frozen Jump, an endless and challenging game that can be played for hours. Princess Elsa decided to do the impossible, jump from one wall to another. It is very dangerous, because there is water of unknown depth around. But if the princess does not jump, her kingdom will be in great trouble. Let's help Elsa together and try to make as many jumps as possible. Collect gold and achieve the leadership by overcoming column by column! Before making a jump, take a close look at the distance and height in order to correctly calculate Elsa's jump. To correctly direct the princess, you must click on it. Then an arrow will appear, with which you will guide Elsa. First adjust the jump to the top or bottom, and then select the desired flight range. Try to calculate everything correctly so that Elsa can still jump to the next column and still be able to continue her long journey.

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