From Nerd To Fab: Prom Edition

From Nerd To Fab: Prom Edition

About game «From Nerd To Fab: Prom Edition»

You know, girls, that when you read a lot, don't go for a walk, and spend most of your time at home, then you pay less and less attention to your appearance, because it seems unnecessary. So it happened with the main character of this game, who is supposed to come to prom, but no guy wants to meet her and dance if she doesn't do something to herself. All these changes must be made by you. First get rid of problems on the skin of the face: all acne must be removed. Then tweak the brow lines. Use a foundation to even out skin tone while finishing makeup. After that, start choosing new clothes for the girl so that the new dress matches the updated look. Don't forget to change your hair and wear jewelry as well. Only such a graduate can appear at a party. Good luck! You can play this game on various devices.

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