Flambo's Inferno - Adventure Time

Flambo's Inferno - Adventure Time

About game «Flambo's Inferno - Adventure Time»

For all lovers of Adventure Times animated series we present a new game devoted to this cartoon. In this game you will again meet the small character Flambeau, who wields a large fire. Whatever he touches, everything immediately starts to burn. You have to manage it, as well as go through 33 levels with obstacles. Guide Flambeau to the small "end" pointer, but do not forget that the ignited blocks are destroyed over time and the small Pyro can fail, and you have to start the level over. Flambeau's big fire is not terrible, but when he falls into the water, a mortal danger awaits him! On the way to the finish line, you will overcome many obstacles. Enjoy playing with Flambeau! You can play this game on any types of devices for completely free on our website. Have much fun, dear friends! Wish you luck.

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