Finn & Bones - Adventure Time

Finn & Bones - Adventure Time

About game «Finn & Bones - Adventure Time»

Here is a turn-based game based on the popular Adventure Time cartoon. A tribe of scary skeletons has kidnapped poor Jake and now his friend Finn is on his way to the Land of the Dead to save his comrade from death! On the way Finn will meet many enemies, and Princess Bubblegum with her excellent knowledge of science will help him. The princess will help you create new weapons from several found elements. You should always check your inventory and be sure to properly equip yourself before a battle. This will greatly increase your chances of winning. During the battle, you can use the elixir and heal your character. Do not forget that defeated enemies always lose something. Pick up whatever you come across. You never know what you might need in the game. Help Finn save Jake from being devoured by hungry skeletons. Good game!

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