Elemental - Adventure Time

Elemental - Adventure Time

About game «Elemental - Adventure Time»

If you are an ardent fan of cartoons, and especially love Adventure Time, then this game will be a great solution to spend your free time. Elemental - Adventure Time is a set of various mini-arcades (from collecting items at speed to a musical fighting game) set in the universe of the Adventure Time animated series. To defeat the monsters, you need to try to click on the circles right in the centers of the strings. Then Jake can attack the enemy. Then, you will travel to the Slime Kingdom with Jake and Finn. There you need to escape from a huge worm. To do this, try to accelerate as much as possible and jump over small slugs. The last kingdom we will visit will be the Ice Kingdom. There you need to collect as many stones as possible and escape from the avalanche. Enjoy your game and good luck!

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