Duck Hunter

Duck Hunter

About game «Duck Hunter»

It seemed to us that the new arcade is a port from the once-first favorite game console to the TV, and you know, we were not mistaken. For those who remember the Duck Hunter as it was before, it will be pleasant to remember our first games with a pistol, because it was with them that we poked at TV screens in the hope of shooting several flying drakes. And if this is your first time going on a virtual hunt, then it will be all the more interesting for you to get acquainted with the classics of the genre, especially in such a performance and not devoid of humor! By the way, there is no weapon here, all procedures with the gun are carried out with the help of a keyboard and mouse, so let's get equipped, let's start hunting. How can you set out for hunting without a dedicated helper? And regardless of the fact that the game is online, you will still have a friend with you.

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