Drift Boss

Drift Boss
Drift Boss

Developer Company: MarketJS
Published: December 2019
Game Technology: HTML5/Javascript
Compatible Devices: Desktop, Mobile, Tablet
Playable On: Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS

About Drift Boss

Immerse yourself in Drift Boss, where the thrill of precision drifting transforms every turn into an adrenaline-packed moment. This game starts simple: steer a car along an increasingly tricky path with mere clicks or taps. As you progress, each curve and twist demands perfect timing and control, challenging you to keep your car on track without veering off. The fun begins right off the bat. The track throws curves, ramps, and tight squeezes at you, where every drift must be meticulously timed. Collect coins along the way, which you can use to unlock a variety of cars and power-ups, enhancing your gameplay experience. This isn't just about keeping the wheels on the track; it's about mastering the drift to extend your run and beat your own records. As you delve deeper into this drifting challenge, you’ll encounter a slew of surprises designed to keep you on your toes. The longer you manage to keep your car drifting in the right direction, the more rewards you rack up. These rewards include new vehicle skins and essential upgrades that help you tackle even the most challenging bends. Moreover, the game spices things up with daily rewards and a 'spin to win' feature, giving you the chance to snag extra bonuses like double scores, additional lives, or a coin frenzy. Every session offers a new opportunity to score big and make the most of your drifting prowess.

Drift Boss challenges you to not just play, but to master the art of drifting. Every turn and every stretch of road is a new chance to prove that you can keep your cool and maintain control under pressure. Are you ready to take the wheel and drift your way to the top?

How to Play Drift Boss?

  • Control the car: Tap to drift right, release to drift left.
  • Maintain drift: Balance taps to stay on track.
  • Collect coins: Gather coins on the road for upgrades and points.
  • Avoid obstacles: Dodge other cars and barriers.
  • Keep driving: Go as far as possible without falling off.
  • Finish level: Complete the level or set a high score in endless mode.
  • Use bonuses: Spend collected coins on car upgrades.
  • Replay: Press "Retry" to improve your score.

Video Gameplay - Drift Boss