Dragon City Destroyer

Dragon City Destroyer

About game «Dragon City Destroyer»

Dragon City Destroyer is an epic dragon adventure in the big city. Our newly-made friend found himself in a stone jungle for the first time and he really didn’t like the fact that people lived near his home and made a constant noise. To regain peace again, the dragon decided to wipe the city from the face of the earth. To do this, you should try very hard to help the dragon cope with the noisy people who have turned his peaceful life into complete chaos. You have to destroy houses and incinerate everything in your path. At each level, you need to destroy buildings and various constructions in order to earn gold. Having accumulated a certain amount, you can go to the next level and buy a new dragon. With the new flying reptile, you can destroy everything around you effortlessly. Complete all tasks in the game and become a legendary destroyer of cities. Enjoy your game and good luck!

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