Drag Racing Rivals

Drag Racing Rivals

About game «Drag Racing Rivals»

Drag Racing Rivals is a game about secret street racers. The extreme community has organized a competition that will not be talked about on television, but only the best of the best will get there. Street racing professionals will compete on the city streets at night, and you, too, were recognized as one of the worthy, so you were invited to participate. If you are ready then proceed. On the screen you will see the starting line, along which cars are lined up - yours and your opponent's. As soon as the start signal sounds, take off and pick up speed. You must overtake your opponent and become the first in this race, otherwise why bother to start? The road will not be easy, as every now and then the townspeople will be on the road. Overtake them without hesitation, but carefully - no deaths are needed.

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