Drag Racing 3D

Drag Racing 3D

About game «Drag Racing 3D»

Are you ready to burn tires to rims in Drag Racing 3D and defeat your opponent by earning a bunch of crisp banknotes. Only two are participating in the race, and the distance is short on a completely flat track. Laid in the desert you must reach maximum speed by pressing the gas pedals. In critical cases, use nitro acceleration to get ahead. This can be done literally before the finish line, but don't be late. All you need is a victory, nothing else is accepted, no one will pay the defeated one, because this is Drag Racing 3D and there are such harsh rules. Spend your honestly earned money on upgrading your car so that it picks up speed faster and has a more powerful engine than the previous one. This game is extremely fascinating, and it can give a great experience in drag racing. So have much fun!

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