Drag Racing

Drag Racing

About game «Drag Racing»

Drag Racing is an amazing racing game in which you can take part in races in a straight line. The conditions of the race are quite simple, both riders compete with each other to see who will be the first to arrive at the finish line. No turns, no brakes and other things, always just forward! Whose car will be the fastest? In the game you will find 10 levels, in each of which, you will be confronted by a new racer in a new car. Each level has a different dredge track distance, so choose the best moment to accelerate with nitro. To overtake rivals, you need to switch gears correctly at the moment when the tachometer needle approaches the green zone. Play and try to complete as many competitions as possible in order to earn more money and improve your car. Customize your car so that it has no equal! Are you ready to race against the fastest cars? Then go ahead!

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