Doodieman Bazooka

Doodieman Bazooka

About game «Doodieman Bazooka»

It probably makes no sense to talk about the strange super hero Doodieman again, because you probably already know him and know his main weapon, with which he fights enemies and protects the population of his planet. And if earlier our hero fought only with ordinary thieves and criminals, then in the game of Doodieman Bazooka he will go out on the warpath not only with people, but also with mutated creatures and aliens. Yes, by the way, if earlier our hero was armed only with a pistol and his own body, then in the third part of his adventures Doodieman is armed with a powerful grenade launcher, which is capable of hitting any target the first time. And it doesn't matter if there is a man, a mutant, a zombie, a barrel of explosives or dynamite in front of Doodieman, one charge of his bazooka is enough to destroy. In addition, his poop is so smelly that nearby enemies with the explosion will simply fall from the excess of methane gas.

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