Tractor Trial

Tractor Trial

About game «Tractor Trial»

The alteration in the theme of the virtual gaming universe is so unexpected that very often you simply must be surprised at the turn of the train of thought both of the developers and of the users. For instance, the now well-known farming category has led to the fact that fully peculiar allusions started to appear. For instance, if you start driving and relate it with a farm topic, what do you guess will turn out? Strange as it may seem, but it will be tractor racing. And today we present you a new game from this category, which is Tractor Trial. Our main character is Diego and he is very helpful person. Now he wants to help his community and since he owns a tractor, he decides to clean the streets of his town from litter. Help this young boy to cope with his task! We promise that you will get only funny emotions from this game!

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