Diamondhead Shoot - Ben 10

Diamondhead Shoot - Ben 10

About game «Diamondhead Shoot - Ben 10»

We wonder what you think when you hear the word Hex? If you've watched the popular animated film about Ben's adventures, then you probably know that this was the name of one of the most powerful magicians who served the forces of darkness and took their powers in many different dark books on witchcraft. But all would be fine, but after all, the sorcerer decided to seize power in the whole world in order to rule, and everyone else will become slaves for him, fulfilling his whims. To realize his vile thoughts, he revived thousands of strange skulls that can fly, and they all went to carry out his plan. Not everyone submitted to Hex's plan, some even tried to resist, for example, the Tennyson family decided that Hex must be destroyed and Ben and his sister go to fight the sorcerer. However, the flying skulls foresaw the family's possibilities and trapped them.

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