Demolition Cartoon Car Crash Derby

Demolition Cartoon Car Crash Derby

About game «Demolition Cartoon Car Crash Derby»

Demolition Cartoon Car Crash Derby is an adventurous and insane cartoon car driving game. You can select from a range of various vehicles, on which you will participate in the contest. Once you have selected your car, you have to get out on the track and literally try to inflict as much damage and demolition on your opponents as you can. You can then use the money you earned to buy new cars. This is an amazing game and you will spend hours trying to reach a new record on the various tracks available. In this game you will be sent to the ground with several more cars. The point of competition is that you need to destroy the vehicles of other opponents, before they destroy you. This is not an easy task, because all your enemies are high-skilled drivers, just like you! So be careful and have fun!

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