Cyber Truck Drive Simulator

Cyber Truck Drive Simulator

About game «Cyber Truck Drive Simulator»

Most recently, Elon Musk showed his new brainchild to the whole world. Many criticized his armored car, which can move using a special program - an autopilot. And if the owner wishes, he can control the car remotely. But we did not come together to look for the pros and cons of the new electric car, we just try to ride it off-road, since first of all it is an SUV, and only after everything else. Cyber Truck was the name of the car, and having driven it you can claim that you have become one of the lucky ones who have received such an honor. An amazing-looking SUV is already ready to conquer the mountainous terrain, where worrying about creating a track is not at all necessary, nature has prepared everything, you just have to get behind the wheel or take the control panel in your hands. But where can you go on this road?

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