Crowd Stack Race 3D

Crowd Stack Race 3D

About game «Crowd Stack Race 3D»

Crowd Stack Race 3D is a fun arcade runner in which you'll need to guide the stickman correctly to gather a bigger crowd and reach the maximum mark at the finish line. Click Play to get started. Hold down the left mouse button to control the stickman. Send the hero to the crowd of the same color to join your squad. If you run up to others, you will suffer losses. On the road there is a gate with colored lights, passing through them, the crowd will change color. The collected heroes will line up in a pyramid like acrobats. Try to get out the highest pyramid, then you can get to the finish line to the higher mark. This game will not only let you have fun, while playing, but also enjoy the gaming process. We believe that you will make a great player and show the best result possible. Enjoy it!

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