Crossy Road Zombies

Crossy Road Zombies

About game «Crossy Road Zombies»

The apocalypse has come in the world and insane creatures that we know as zombies have filled all the cities along the street. They are everywhere - on the roofs, in forests, on roads and in all buildings. Our hero urgently needs to get to the other end of the city. The fastest and shortest way is, of course, by road. But as we know, complete chaos is now going on there. But it won't scare us a bit. On the contrary, we must accept this challenge and get through the zombie wall. They will meet you halfway, and their number will be simply huge. Do not be alarmed, but pull yourself together and everything will work out. The main thing is not to touch the zombies, but to bypass them. Your hero will constantly run, and the further you run, the more points you get. Various bonuses will be scattered along the way to help you in the game. For example, you can collect extra lives, of which you have three in total. Good luck!

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